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I worked on Hearsay Social's CRM team which focused on leveraging social media to create rich customer relationship management data. This meant using Facebook's data to help personal advisors connect with their clients.

Personal advisors needed to be able to quickly pull up relevant information about who they were going to contact.

Financial and insurance advisors manage dozens to hundreds of clients. Often these clients will work with the same advisor for years. Because these types of industries often deal with people's life events (buying a house, having children, buying a car), a good relationship means getting to know clients personally as well as professionally.


The primary users are financial and insurance advisors whose jobs include sales aspects that rely on personal connections to clients.

Secondary users include compliance officers and assistants to the advisors.


Initial research involved contextual inquiries and qualitative user research methods to gain a deeper understanding of how advisors work.


The main metric of success would be usage of the contact page overall and each individual section. Since this page is mostly informational, the expected usage is more driven by views and time on page, rather than any specific point of conversion.

Insights and Designs

Advisors have one very specific workflow that they use when making sales calls. They will almost always queue up a certain number of people to call a day and make the calls in succession. The task is almost like going through an inbox and clearing out all the todo's, except in this case each client is an action item.

Key insights

  • Because of the personal nature of these calls, building rapport early on is very important. The advisor needs to be able to quickly catch up on notes they took from previous sessions as well as see any new social data that might be relevant.
  • During the call they need to be able to set action items for followup.
  • It is important to be able to see all the relevant information on a single page so that they don't have to click around when on a phone call with a client.

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